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PAIN RELIEF -Do you have muscle or joint pain?
Tendonitis, arthritis, sprain or injury?

ACTIVE LIFESTYLES - Do you have a hard time warming up muscles on a cold morning? Does your knee or your hip joints bother you during or after activity?

ATHLETES - Are you looking for that extra pre-game warm-up for optimal performance? Do you need a better recovery for sustained training?

FlexPower provides two options for your pain relief needs:

FlexPower Performance & Recovery
For targeted pain relief directly at the source, FlexPower Performance & Recovery cream penetrates deeply and quickly to deliver active ingredients for muscles and joints. Includes trolamine salicylate, glucosamine and MSM. Performance & Recovery has been used by world-class in the Olympics, NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and other professional sports since 2001.

NEW! Homeopathic FlexPower
For those seeking a more natural alternative for pain relief, we are thrilled to introduce Homeopathic FlexPower. Formulated with active ingredient Arnica, as well as vitamins, green tea, aloe, glucosamine and MSM.

How does FlexPower work?