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Get Back to Feeling Like “You” in 10 Seconds (or Less)

Your self-care regimen shouldn’t feel like anything like homework. “Strategy” and “action plan” are words that belong in Powerpoint presentations.

Yes, a daily yoga regimen and a low-sugar, clean-eating diet is worth the effort. Hiking the Appalachian Trial is also worth it. But all of us only have so much time and energy to invest. Self-care is also about self-worth – how you value your time and energy.

We know that most days don’t have unlimited resources to funnel into improving your life.  But not every renewal-focused activity needs to be of the “Netflix and a couch” variety – healing isn’t a passive thing. It’s not withdrawal, it’s embracing that you have a body and knowing that when it’s moving it feels good. Own that. You deserve it.

The modern work environment is stressful on our bodies. We end the day with pain from sitting in chairs on computers and typing long emails and texts. Applying a little  Flexpower Soothe  or  Flexpower Warm  takes about 10 seconds to rub in, and then can get back to your day without any “text neck” pain.

We’re such big believers in the transformative power of 10 seconds and the mind-body connection that we want to encourage you to celebrate other quick things you can do every day to make yourself feel good, without having to uproot or complicate your life any more than it already is..

How to Feel Good in 10 Seconds (or Less):

  • Splash icy cold water on your face. Trust us, it works (it actually raises your heart rate which gets more blood pumping)

  • Run around your room or office for 10 seconds (jumping jacks are great, too)

  • Lie under a weighted blanket for a few seconds

  • Step outside, raises your arms, deep inhale, exhale, done.

  • Buy a cupcake and just eat the frosting

  • If you can do so safely and easily, ask someone for a quick hug – it can actually boost your immune system, too!

  • Eat a handful of cereal, no milk.

  • Watch a quick 10 second video of a baby laughing

  • Smile at yourself in the mirror (the simple act of smiling has been shown to relieve stress and alter your mood)

  • Listen to the first 10 seconds of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”

  • If you can, pet an animal (If you don’t have a pet or your pet wouldn’t appreciate it, look out your window and just watch a critter do critter things for 10 seconds)

  • Shout a war cry into the air (or into a pillow, if your realm has neighbors and thin walls) – it actually feels good. Think about those great moments in movies where someone screamed in frustration. Have you ever allowed yourself to do that?

  • Actually stop and smell the roses (or the rose-scented candle) – aromas are one of the quickest memory triggers, so seek out something that reminds you of good times, favorite places, or foods you love

  • Stop and look up.  No, really. Lean your head back, and then gently tilt it side to side, holding briefly. This is a simple neck stretch that relieves so much shoulder and neck strain caused by computer hunching.

  • Sink a few paper ball/trash bin 3-pointers or practice paper football

Little breaks and little reminders of the things that make you happy and make your body feel good – celebrate those moments and get back to feeling good again. It’s surprisingly quick and easy.


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