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Surprising Uses of Soothe

Surprising Uses of Soothe

Recently, customers have shared surprising uses of Soothe with our team and we can't believe their testimonials. Soothe is infused with the natural calming, anti-inflammatory effects of Arnica, Echinacea, Eucalyptus so you can feel great no matter what the day holds.


“I’ve tried other sunburn treatments before but they just really didn’t seem to work, so my friend recommended Flexpower Soothe. My sunburn was really bad and pretty red at first, but I honestly feel like using Soothe really helped my skin… I haven’t experienced a product like that before. I was able to get back to living my life without having to worry about my sunburn.”  - Erika W

“A couple of weeks ago I went to the beach with some friends and I got home and had one of the worst sunburns I’d ever had. It was red, it was peeling… but I took some Soothe and put it on my burn and within a couple of days, it was almost completely gone. The redness was not there, the flaking wasn’t there. My skin was so soft and moisturized it just felt amazing.”  - Madeline S

Jellyfish sting

“My first experience with Flexpower was for a jellyfish sting that I got on my chest. It was quite painful. I quickly put some Soothe on it and the pain did subside quite quickly. It really helped soothe down the sting and I will be using it again.”  - Jason R, TV and Film producer


“I had a bruise that I was worried about… I thought about the ingredients in Flexpower; the arnica. I had read that arnica helps reduce swelling and bruising. I used it for two days, my bruise was gone. No problem whatsoever. So I have to tell you, this is a godsend.” - Marilyn C

Under Eye Bags

“I'm a big fan of Flexpower. I actually recently just started using Soothe on my face, and it feels amazing. But the cool thing that I found out is that it actually helps with dark circles and eye bags. I'm somebody who wakes up with dark circles in the morning, so every morning I wake up and put Soothe on my face, it's been working great.” - Jake


“I burnt myself with my curling iron for the first time and it hurt so bad. I put ice on, nothing helped. Then I put the Flexpower on, and look at it now, it doesn’t even hurt.” - Anne S, luxury jewelry designer


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