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Athlete Profile: Alexa Conners

"I find walking every morning helps start my day off right. Allows me to reset and be present."

  • What is one thing you do for your mind, body, and soul every day?

I take walks every morning, either with my dog or alone. I find walking every morning helps start my day off right. Allows me to reset and be present.

  • What is one step in your routine you find vital for a great day?

Consistency of some type of workout every day. It can be a mma class, yoga, crossfit, or simply my morning walk. But some type of physical activity goes a long way for my mental health.

  • How do you transition your training in the off-season to stay at the top of your game?

In MMA, you really do not have an "off season". You are constantly learning in this sport and I think that is one of the many reasons that attract me to the sport. Making sure I get some type of physical activity in when I am not in fight camp, helps me stay on top of my game. Also, growing up I played basketball year round, from 5 years old to 18.

  • Is there an athlete or figure you looked up to in sports? Who was it and why?

I loved watching Sue Bird. She was one of the top WNBA players in history. I loved how she played, her work ethic and how she conducted herself as a person.

  • What is one quote or mantra you live by?

Find your why, And fight like hell. I am a huge mental health advocate and finding your purpose or why on this earth, in my opinion is the whole reason why we are here. Side note: This is my non profit that I founded this past year ... In Your Corner ...


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