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An Interview with Surfer Paloma Velasquez

Learn more about how Paloma balances surfing and self care

We believe that beauty and balance is not a one-time endeavor - it’s a lifestyle.  What is one part of your routine that you focus on beauty and one part that is for balance? For example, reading a good book or creating a spa day at home.

I think having a daily routine is SO important. I make myself go outside at least once a day regardless of the weather or how I'm feeling; whether it is for a surf or a walk around the block, nothing beats sun exposure and breathing in fresh air.

What advice do you have for other women seeking a balanced lifestyle? What do you think you balance more in life now compared to five years ago?

Body movement + food. To me, beauty is feeling comfortable in my own skin and nurturing my body, which honestly takes a lot of hard work and discipline. There are days where I don't want to surf or am feeling too lazy to cook or go to the store, but pushing through and continuing to aim for a balanced routine is much more rewarding than allowing intrusive thoughts or behaviors to rule me. 5 years ago, I didn't understand how having a healthy relationship with your mind and body is essential in cultivating the life you seek to live.

We all have our own sense of beauty. How do you take time for yourself during your busy schedule?

 I try to dedicate at least one hour of the day to hop in the ocean. Outside of that, I like to work out and cook at home every chance that I get. Eating organic, nutrient-dense food is so important; it can literally make or break my day. Ialso try to make sure to make time for myself when I feel overwhelmed socially. It is easy to get caught up in friendships and events, which can be exhausting mentally. Alone time is where I recharge and come back to myself. 

What is the one beauty tip you live by?

I feel like I keep repeating myself but FOOD. I am a nutrition nerd and always love learning more about how different foods affect your body (both on the inside and outside). Eating collagen rich foods has improved my skin a lot in the past 3-5 years. Also, as a surfer, sun protection is a must. I've recently been using AVASOL which  is a Zinc based sunscreen made out of natural ingredients that is safe for humans and the ocean.

In one sentence, what does beauty and balance mean to you?

Doing what I love, and feeling good while doing it.


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