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The Science Behind Flexpower Pain Relief

High performing athletes have a myriad of aches and pains to deal with on a daily basis, but for far too long have had extremely limited ways to do so. Our founder Rasheen Smith explains how Flexpower started changing the game for athletes – in some ways, literally – by providing a daily pain relief and muscle relaxation regimen rather than periodic and temporary pain masking.

Strong Odors and Heating Sensations Trick Your Brain

“Most topical solutions smell bad or they’re only marginally effective. The vast majority are menthol-based, many combining methyl salicylate and/or camphor, which gives you the strong odor. You have to ask: Are they getting through the skin, into the tissues? Or are they simply counter-irritants providing a warming or cooling sensation, sending a signal to your brain that something is happening there? It’s mostly the latter. And although counterirritants have been shown to provide some therapy, our goal was to go beyond this.”

Oral Meds Are Dangerous and Inefficient

“We’ve heard many stories from professional athletes being concerned with taking pain pills to stay on the field of play. That includes both over-the-counter medication and prescription COX-2 inhibitors. In some training rooms back in the day, you had bowls of pills like candy that guys would take daily. That kind of systemic absorption – where a pill you take for shoulder pain has to travel through your heart, your liver, your kidneys – is what we were looking to avoid.”

When You Combine the Best of Both, You Get Better

“The idea was to take ingredients that were popular in oral form, such as the supplements MSM and glucosamine, and aspirin for pain relief, and put them into a cream. We were one of the first to encapsulate these ingredients into liposomes that carry them through the skin. We went beyond just being a counterirritant sensation and carried these ingredients through the skin directly to the site of pain, where you need them the most. And we did this without the medicinal odor which was very important to us.”

From Pain Relief, to Feeling Good Every Day

“Flexpower Soothe is our first step into the homeopathic nature side of topical creams. We use Arnica, which has been used for centuries to treat pain and inflammation, as the active ingredient – and the feeling is amazing. It’s it’s this soothing, pleasant sensation that’s neither hot or cold. Then we added MSM and glucosamine, to aid in pain relief. And then we added some amazing plant-based extracts, everything from rosemary and turmeric to willow bark to Boswellia Serrata and Calendula. It’s an amazing product that can be used everyday, whether you’re an athlete or not. It’s for pain relief as well as pain management.”


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