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The Story Behind The “Founder’s Flex”

How Rasheen Smith discovered the ideal mix of Flexpower products to help him push himself...and not regret it later

When Rasheen Smith founded Flexpower, the inspiration came from seeing firsthand the pain treatment options available to athletes and knowing he could push it further.

The inspiration behind the Founder’s Flex was about pushing himself further…and sometimes paying the price for it.

Recently, Rasheen – who has been an athlete all of his life – took up cycling. While he initially saw it as a lower impact form of exercise, taking things slowly has never really been his style. He quickly found himself doing punishing 30 – 40 mile runs up Northern California’s Grizzly Peak, and sometimes feeling its effects in the process.

On days when he rides, Rasheen starts off with Flexpower Warm to ease the tendinitis in his knee that he’s dealt with for some time, and for his lower back. Warm helps loosen up his joints, which makes for what he describes as a more “comfortable” ride.

Once he’s finished, he fills up a bath with Soothe bath salts (for heavy activity days he’ll also opt for Cool), and gives himself a full body recovery session. The anti-inflammatory Arnica is the ideal way to ease back from intense activity to every day motion.

Flexpower inspires movement, because movement has always inspired Flexpower.

Enjoy the Founder’s Flex…and have some fun finding your own.


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