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What Working From Home Might Be Doing To You

Gaining awareness of the little ways WFH can wear on you is the first step towards feeling your best every day

Usually when some kind of major life change occurs, you have at least a little time to weigh the pros and the cons. But working from home came suddenly for everyone. We went from navigating open floor plans to sidestepping LEGOs during Zoom calls. There was no time to consider the upsides and downsides – we all had to sink or swim.

The good news? You’re swimming. It may not feel like it every day, but you are, and that’s always worth celebrating. But, amid the newfound freedom and flexibility offered by working from home, there are some subtle things that may be affecting you negatively that you might not even be aware of. Of course, we’re all about trying to equip you with everything you need to make feeling good an active, conscious choice you can make every day…so here are some things to keep an eye on as you WFH.

Snacks Are Not Meals

Remember when you’d go into work and you’d either make sure you had a delicious lunch packed or you had your go-to lunch spots? Why has that been replaced with a handful of chips and a dream? There is a direct connection between your diet and your mental health, so why are you short-changing yourself when you have a whole kitchen at your disposal? (And no one to side-eye you if you microwave leftover fish).

“Awake” Does Not Mean “Clocked In”

How many times do you say “good morning” to your phone, and start answering emails in your pajamas? You used to have breakfast, shower, dress, and commute before you officially logged into work. But now the minute your eyes open, you dive back in while neglecting little things like exercise or even breakfast.

Your Living Room Has Become Your Working Room

You used to enjoy physical distance between “work” and “home.” Now it’s all bleeding into one, and you don’t know when or even where you’re allowed to unwind. You need some kind of dividing line, or else you run the risk of always being “on.”

You are Caving In on Yourself

Yes, there is something called “Laptop Syndrome” – where your posture deteriorates from constantly hunching over a computer. This can be even worse when you’re at home, switching from chair to chair to desk to table to whatever – your posture is paying the price for your lack of standard office furniture.

You Start To Think You’re Not Doing Enough

One thing exacerbated by the pandemic has been what’s commonly referred to as “imposter syndrome” – basically, thinking you have a job that you don’t deserve. Not getting constant validation or even basic contact from co-workers can make these feelings grow and fester much quicker when you’re untethered from a work environment.

Being aware of the effects of working from home is step one towards cultivating a healthier, more productive physical environment and mental state. We can certainly help with the occasional back and shoulder pain, and we’re also about encouraging you to take each day – and each moment – as an opportunity to feel your best. You can do it.


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